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When Is Arm Pain Serious? A McAllen Pain Doctor Answers Your Questions

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By cobaltmoe | August 1st, 2022 | Pain Management

Aches and pains are just part of life, but significant discomfort can be a sign of serious problems. Intense arm pain, for example, can signal the onset of a stroke. 

Because any sort of arm pain may trigger a bit of anxiety, it is important for you to understand when arm pain requires immediate attention or when it is simply the result of a small injury. 

Your McAllen pain doctor is here to explain what symptoms you need to be aware of to best protect your health.

Symptoms That Need Immediate Care

Arm pain can be a key sign of a heart attack. Any sudden, severe pain should be taken seriously. 

The arm pain suffered during a heart attack tends to be slightly different between men and women.

  • In Men: Men tend to get the classic severe left arm pain. It will start in the shoulder and either go down the arm or up to the neck. You will also have a tight feeling in your chest. If you have chest pain, neck pain, or arm pain suddenly, seek emergency care.
  • In Women: Women can have pain in either arm that may switch between them. It can be accompanied by back pain, nausea, or jaw pain. If you have these symptoms along with chest pain, head to the emergency room. 

Arm pain can also be caused by an injury. If you notice bleeding or broken bones, do not delay getting care.

When To See Your Doctor Immediately

Depending on the circumstances of your situation, you may or may not need to seek care from your pain doctor immediately. However, there are certain telltale signs that you need medical treatment as soon as possible, including: 

  • Pain and swelling: Sudden pain, bruising, or swelling typically requires immediate care.
  • Difficulty moving: Sudden pain when bending or twisting your arm indicates an injury. Severe pain or difficulty turning the arm is a bad sign that needs to be checked.
  • Pain caused by exertion that stops with rest: Pain in the arm, neck, and back only when you are moving can mean a heart condition. You may have poor blood flow to the heart.
  • Hearing a snap or crack: If you fall and hear a crack, you may have broken a bone. Keep the injury stable and seek treatment immediately.

How To Relieve Pain Until You Are Treated

Relieving pain after an injury will vary depending on the type of injury. For instance, should you fall on your arm, a sling can be a useful tool that provides a certain level of comfort.

For swelling or redness, an icepack can help to reduce the pain. For minor arm injuries, you’ll want to leave the ice on the injury for 20-30 minutes three times a day. You’ll also want to rest and elevate your arm.  

There’s also the option of over-the-counter medications when dealing with pain. 

Get Relief From Chronic Arm Pain

If you’ve been dealing with arm pain because of a chronic condition, seeking treatment from a pain management clinic in McAllen can greatly improve your quality of life.

Learn more about how the 911 Pain Management Clinic can help increase your comfort and improve your life by giving us a call today. 

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