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What Can a Pain Specialist Do for My Whiplash? (Part 1)

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By 911 Pain Management | January 3rd, 2022 | Pain Management

If you have ever been involved in a car accident, you may have suffered a whiplash injury. 

Whiplash is when your neck suddenly snaps back and forth, whip-like, as the result of a collision. This neck injury is one of the most commonly suffered in auto accidents, and the strain and tension caused by this injury can lead to chronic pain if you do not seek immediate treatment from a McAllen Pain specialists. 

Unfortunately, if not properly taken care of, the pain associated with whiplash can last for years. 

If you or someone you know has been involved in an automobile accident, and have been experiencing neck pain, you may be the victim of whiplash. Please do not hesitate to contact our pain management doctor in McAllen at 911 Pain Management to successfully relieve your pain and rehabilitate your neck. 

How Do  I Know When to See a Specialist?

Even if it doesn’t appear or feel like you are injured, it is essential to seek medical attention right away after an incident. Oftentimes, injuries to your neck and spine may not be noticeable initially, but may later materialize. 

By seeking support from your McAllen pain specialists, we can assist in finding the root of your injury and prevent it from becoming something worse. It is preferred you visit your pain management doctor right after the incident to prevent further damage. Waiting to seek medical attention can have adverse effects on your health and mental well-being. 

If you choose not to seek medical help immediately, see a specialist if pain continues or starts to occur after 3 months. 

When you make an appointment with your McAllen pain management doctor, we can offer a variety of treatments. These treatments can act as tools for pain management and help to measure how severe your whiplash injury is.

Some tips and treatments to help ease your pain include:

  • Take time off to relax and rest
  • Hot and cold compress treatments on your neck and shoulders
  • Wear a neck brace
  • Pain medicines (OTC)
  • Prescribed pain medicines
  • Physical therapy

How Can a McAllen Pain Specialists Help You?

After the initial treatments are conducted, your injury doctor may decide on administering advanced treatments if you are still experiencing pain and discomfort. 

These advanced treatments not only help relieve the pain but can pinpoint the problem, so your doctor can come up with a more thorough plan. Advanced treatments include: 

  • Trigger Point Injections – These are injected into the muscles where there is substantial pain. The medicine will numb the muscles, allowing you to be free of pain and discomfort, while also allowing you to participate in physical therapy. 
  • Cervical Epidural – This injection is administered in your spine where the problematic disc lays. The medicine decreases pain and inflammation. 
  • Selective Nerve Root Block – This injection helps determine future treatments by injecting numbing medicine in your neck to identify the damaged nerve. 
  • Joint Injections – These injections are administered to your joints to relieve pain and swelling.
  • Occipital Nerve Block – This treatment provides relief for those who suffer from cervicogenic headaches caused by whiplash. It also assists in nerve pain management you may have in your head or neck. 

Whiplash pain can be extremely agonizing if left untreated. If you have been a victim of whiplash due to a car accident, seek help from your pain management doctor in McAllen to begin the process of recovery.

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