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Success Stories

Dr. Yixiang Liu and the staff at 911 Pain Management take pride in being an active part of the healing process of many people suffering from acute pain. For years, our healing hands have helped many car accident victims find the relief they need, easing them through a difficult time in their lives.

This page chronicles the experiences of those we have treated throughout our years of service, and as we continue to treat chronic pain in McAllen, Brownsville, or San Antonio, Texas, their stories will be updated here periodically.


"Everything was good, I was afraid before. The personnel was great in helping. I was at a 9 pain now I don’t feel anything."

"It was very inviting and clean. Everyone I spoke with was helpful. I felt like I was in safe hands! I had a back pain of 8 and neck pain of 6 and now I’m doing better."

"I was having discomfort in hand and shoulder, ever since then its been better. Im glad I went!"

"Everything was good, the treatment was awesome. No more pain! Very effective treatment for me."

"Very good! Very friendly, excellent service. They were very professional and very attentive for the appointment. It was easy to make appointments and follow-ups. Very effective. Congratulations and I am very grateful. Great service!"

"Everybody was polite, quick. It was effective, the epidural with my therapy really help! Very pleased."

"Everything was great, no issues. I was happy with the results."

"It was really quick. It was great, there were not problems. The procedure itself was really quick. Im doing alot better."

"Everybody was really patient with how they explained, they explain very well. They were making me feel very comfortable."

"It was a great experience, no troubles!"

"No problems at all. 10 all the way!"

"I felt relief after the first night. The wait time was short."

"Everything was great, all professional. No complaints. Everything was done well."

"Everything went smoothly, they explained really well and straightforward."

"Everythings good. They were friendly."

"I rate a 10."

"All good, I like it very much. The treatment was good and the treatment received was great."

"I did not have to wait a long time, it was good."

"Everything went professional, nothing bad at all."

"They are an 11 out 10. The staff was very professional."

"Everything was smooth. They got everything down to the wire."

"Everything was good, they were kind."

"My mother had been suffering from pain for months and (along with her husband) was getting frustrated and feeling hopeless with the level of relief she was experiencing. One conversation with Dr. Liu changed all that. With just simple changes and a lot of care and attention from Dr. Liu, my mother told me that "yesterday was the best day she's had in months" She feels like herself again and they both have hope for a pain-free future."

"It was organized and clean. They were real nice."

"Everybody treated me well. No complaints. I did not wait long in the office at all. I do not have any pain anymore."

"Everything was fine. The appointment was quick. Excellent service."

"Everything was great and friendly. Everyone did their job really well."

"It was good. They did a great job. I would highly recommend!"

"They were awesome. Everything was on point, nothing bad to say. All professional, they provided everything I needed. Even the phone apppintments were on point!"

"Everything was explained well, you all were really great and helpful with rescheduling."

"I had a wonderful experience, my pain levels lowered significantly. I had a great experience."

"Everything was professional and welcoming. My results were great."

"All good, very kind doctor."

"Everything was real good! Everything went great."

"I like that everyone feels comfortable, I know it’s a nervous procedure so it helped to make me feel comfortable."

"They’re very understanding and very helpful. Very on task."

"Everything was very good, good hospitality."

"Very friendly, very helpful. Very welcoming and professional."

"They were real friendly, I did not feel the shot. They treated me nice."

"Todos son muy amables."

"Everybody was awesome. They were really friendly and fast."

"Everybody was extremely friendly and extremely helpful. Everyone was awesome. It was in and out visits."

"The Dr really explained things, she really listened."

"Muy bien, excelente. Muy amables todos."

"Staff was very friendly and made sure i felt comfortable with the treatment."

"Before the shot, the treatment, I was experiencing alot of pain. I didn’t go to work out for 3 months. It was messing up everything around me. It was super easy to continue with the follow ups and go to the clinics at the times. I felt in good hands. I’m super grateful to back to business"

"Todos son muy atentos y te hacen sentir muy bien antes y después del procedimiento."


"Excelente tratamiento mejoro much mi dolor un trato amable el personal y los doctores muy profesionales estoy muy agradecida."

"Todo fue muy bien, perfecto."

"Great staff, treated me very professionally. Continue doing what theyre doing, being professional with patients."

"My overall experience was excellent, I love the way everyone treated me."

"Agradesco a todo el personal que atendió."

"I am very impressed with the whole staff. Very courteous, friendly, makes you feel so very welcomed."

"It was a good procedure and fast. It went well."

"Personal muy profesional y amable."

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Sources Of Acute Pain


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You don’t have to be an athlete to suffer from leg pain. Muscle strains, broken bones, and joint pain can affect anyone, but that doesn't mean that you must suffer in silence. Get the fast pain management treatment you need for your legs today.

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Lower Back

No matter if you hit the gym, work in an environment that requires heavy lifting, or are just feeling the effects of aging, lower back pain and stiffness can demobilize you if you aren’t careful. 911 Pain Management helps patients overcome lower back pain with solid pain management solutions.

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the patient Journey


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1. Scheduled an appointment.

2. Plan your transportation.

3. We will send you a reminder.


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4. Registration and sign in.

5. Your medical evaluation.

6. Your treatment recommendation.


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7. Registration for treatment.

8. Preparation for treatment.

9. Treatment and recovery.

10. Discharge and release.

11. Transportation home.


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12. We will call you after 2 weeks to see how you are doing.

Our Pain Management Services in McAllen, TX

Pain Point Injections

Pain Point Injections

Our pain management doctors can provide trigger point, soft tissue, and steroid injections to help you find pain relief.

Nerve Blocks

Nerve Blocks

Nerve blocks are a type of pain medicine that works to block the pain signals being sent from the nerves in your back.

Medication Management

Medication Management

Medication is one powerful tool used by your Rio Grande pain team. We can provide the guidance that you need to stay safe.

Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative Medicine

Our regenerative medicine specialists can provide platelet-rich plasma therapy, stem cell therapy, or exosomes treatment to help get you relief.

Yixiang Liu MD


Yixiang Liu MD is a nationally renowned pain management physician in McAllen, Texas. She has never settled for less when it comes to healing others, and her medical training, education, and exceptional expertise ensure that you get the best in pain management available to you.

Learn More About Dr. Liu

See the Benefits of Pain Management in Your Life

Improve Heart Health

Improve Heart Health

Pain can cause your blood pressure and heart rate to increase, putting more strain on your heart. Pain management can help.

Get Better Sleep

Get Better Sleep

Pain can be a real hurdle standing between you and a good night’s sleep. Our pain management doctors can give you relief.

Relieve Muscle Tension

Relieve Muscle Tension

Acute pain can cause us to tense up and tighten our muscles. Pain medicine and treatment can help relieve that tension.

Boost Mobility

Boost Mobility

If you’re suffering from pain, you might be less flexible and mobile than you once were. Pain management can get you moving again.