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911 Pain Management: The Patient Journey

At 911 Pain Management, our goal is to demystify the journey our patients take in order to encourage anyone suffering from neck, shoulder, arm, lower back, leg, or knee pain to come in for a quick, near painless treatment option. No matter if your pain is unbearable or if you feel it doesn’t warrant a trip to a pain management clinic, we have the perfect pain relief option for you.

You’ve just made the best decision you can in treating your pain. Our helpful staff at the front desk can help you schedule an appointment in-person or by phone, or email us from the comfort of your home at your convenience.

A lack of transportation shouldn’t mean a lack of pain relief. If you don’t have transportation--or can’t drive after your appointment--let us know and one of our drivers can pick you up and return you home.

At 911 Pain Management, we go above and beyond to ensure you receive the non-narcotic pain relief you need. We will send you reminders about your appointment via text, phone call, or email to make sure that you can visit us on the time and date scheduled.

The second step of your pain-free future begins here. Say “Hi” to our cheerful staff at the front desk to start your rapid registration process, and in no time you will be evaluated by our expert pain management specialists.

Our focus during a medical evaluation is your comfort. Our medical staff will quickly and accurately confirm and evaluate your areas of pain in order to discover what non-surgical, non-narcotic treatment options will be available to you.

Based on the results of your quick medical evaluation, our experienced medical staff will create a comprehensive plan that addresses how your pain will be treated using one of our many treatment options.

Living your best life pain-free is finally within reaching distance. After another short registration process where we provide documents for you to review, we will need your approval to perform the treatment (informed consent).

While this part of your journey may be the part that gives you the most anxiety, our medical personnel will do everything they can to ease your worries and fears of discomfort, long-term side effects, or needles as they accompany you to our preparation area. There, you can dress into a gown that we will provide to you, rest on one of our beds, have your vitals checked, and start an IV infusion.

If you are still anxious about the procedure, that is perfectly fine. Our pain treatment specialists can administer a short-term sedative to help give you peace of mind before we begin. Our non-surgical and non-narcotic pain treatment options are based on the use of therapeutic injections in the affected area of the body, offering fast relief.

Your pain-free future is now! After treatment, we will welcome you into our recovery area where we will monitor your progress for 15 minutes. After that, you can get dressed, and we will remove your IV and transfer you into a wheelchair.

After your treatment, we want you to take it easy. While we wheelchair you to the front, we will provide you with a light snack and some water to stay hydrated. We will then explain some after-treatment instructions and safety recommendations you can use while you wait for your transportation. When your transport arrives, we will take you to your vehicle.

Two weeks after treatment, we will give you a quick call to see how you are doing. Our goal here is to make sure you are recovering with little to no discomfort as planned. We will verify any pain that you may have, discuss any concerning symptoms, and answer any questions you may have, and if needed, we can schedule a follow-up visit with you as well.

Sources Of Acute Pain


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the patient Journey

The Patient Journey
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