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Can Chronic Pain Cause Depression?

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By 911 Pain Management | May 8th, 2022 | Pain Management

Over the many years of research and study into pain and depression, scientists have found that there exists a correlation between the two. Whether back, knee, or neck pain, constant pain in any region of the body is known as chronic pain.

Observations have shown that there exists a relationship in which chronic pain can create a state of depression. If this is the case, you might be wondering, can chronic pain cause long-term depression?

Your McAllen pain doctor would like to provide you with a bit of insight into this question.

Chronic Pain and Its Link to Depression

Chronic pain is an issue that many people live with, and this particular type of pain is often felt on a daily basis with varying degrees of intensity experienced by the individual.

Consistent and “never-ending” pain can be a severe drain on one’s mental stamina, and as such, can lead to a state of depression as long as the pain itself lasts. In fact, besides the drain on overall mental health, there are several related reasons why chronic pain can lead to long-term depression: 

1. Lack of an ability to work: Chronic pain can lead to an inability to work in any capacity. This, in turn, may lead to a loss of income and an ability to support one’s self and family. As such, stress and mental health issues can arise as a result of chronic pain. 

2. Medication limitations: Chronic pain and depression may require medication(s) in order to sustain somewhat of a “healthy” lifestyle. These medications may also limit the number of activities a person can partake in. Driving cars, operating heavy machinery, playing video games, and viewing movies may all no longer be enjoyed. This can also create a cycle, by which chronic pain and medications cause depression and vice/versa. 

3. Loss of social identity: Whether due to the medication required to maintain your “quality of life,” or the limitations caused by chronic pain issues, one may find that depression is a result of the isolation. This situation is one that is most commonly reported amongst individuals living with chronic pain and depression. 

While these aren’t the only correlations between chronic pain and depression, no matter what the individual situation may be for you, there is a possible solution for this vicious cycle of pain and depression. 

McAllen Pain Doctor Ready to Help You

If you or someone you know is suffering from chronic pain and depression, consultation with a pain management clinic could be the best option to help you resolve health-related issues.

For information regarding pain management clinics in the McAllen area, or a specific pain doctor in McAllen, contact the knowledgeable staff at 911 Pain Management. They can help direct you or a loved one when it may be too difficult to do so on your own.

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