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McAllen Pain Doctor Reveals Stretches To Help With Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain can have many causes, whether it be an injury, poor posture, symptoms of kidney stones, or other underlying conditions, back pain can greatly affect your quality of life. Depending on your particular situation, there are a number of options available to help… Read More

When Is Arm Pain Serious? A McAllen Pain Doctor Answers Your Questions

Aches and pains are just part of life, but significant discomfort can be a sign of serious problems. Intense arm pain, for example, can signal the onset of a stroke.  Because any sort of arm pain may trigger a bit of anxiety, it is important… Read More

Tendonitis: What It Is & How It’s Treated

Tendons are the thick fibrous connective tissue that attach muscles to bone or other bodily structures, such as the eyeball. Tendons allow us to move our bones or structures without significant amounts of tension. Unfortunately, tendonitis can result because of the overuse or straining of… Read More

What’s Causing Your Neck Pain & When Should You Get Help?

Neck pain is a widespread issue and, oftentimes, individuals may shrug it off as the result of bad posture or sleeping wrong. But, depending on the issue, neck pain can become a chronic condition if not properly treated.  Although neck pain is rarely a symptom… Read More

What You Need To Know About Medial Branch Block

Procedures to eliminate chronic pain, like radiofrequency denervation, may sound daunting to some, especially if they aren’t sure how it works. You may be experiencing doubt to undergo a procedure because of other failed treatments or because of previous bad experiences, but there is a… Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Radiofrequency Denervation

Whether you have back or neck pain due to chronic conditions like arthritis or a past injury, you’ve probably tried every possible treatment suggested by your doctor.  While pain medications can ease the pain for a period, over time, your body will build up a… Read More

What Are Soft Tissue Injections?

By definition, an injection is: “An instance of injecting or being injected with an alien object into a body.” The object, in the particular situations our McAllen pain doctor will be referring to in this article, would be a hypodermic needle (or “below the skin”… Read More

Can Chronic Pain Cause Depression?

Over the many years of research and study into pain and depression, scientists have found that there exists a correlation between the two. Whether back, knee, or neck pain, constant pain in any region of the body is known as chronic pain. Observations have shown… Read More

McAllen Pain Management Specialists Explain the Side Effects of Trigger Point Injections

Trigger point injections can be a godsend for those who face constant pain, soreness, and tightness in their muscles. These injections provide relief right on the trigger point.  Like any other medications, trigger point injections have a few side effects patients should know before they… Read More

How Do Pain Management Injections Work?

Dealing with acute back pain, shoulder pain, or knee pain can leave you living a suboptimal life. Instead, enhance your life and see Dr. Liu for 5-star pain management treatment now! Your McAllen pain management doctor at 911 Pain Management can accurately diagnose your concerns… Read More

Sources Of Acute Pain


Suffer from knee pain? This part of the body is a complex network of nerves, cartilage, and muscle, and every step can signal that something is wrong. If you need pain relief fast, let 911 Pain Management take care of your knee pain today.

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Your daily life routine over time can cause significant arm pain, and it can continue if you don’t seek out adequate pain management from an experienced pain management doctor. Learn more about your treatment options now.

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Neck pain shouldn’t stop you from doing what you need to do during the day, especially when plenty of options to relieve pain are available at 911 Pain Management. Seize the day and learn more about potential causes for your neck pain and how we can treat it.

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Are you experiencing pain in your shoulders? Plenty of reasons for shoulder pain exist, from a torn rotator cuff to joint pain and more. Don’t grin and bear the pain alone. Learn more about shoulder pain and how we can help you feel better today.

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You don’t have to be an athlete to suffer from leg pain. Muscle strains, broken bones, and joint pain can affect anyone, but that doesn't mean that you must suffer in silence. Get the fast pain management treatment you need for your legs today.

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Lower Back

No matter if you hit the gym, work in an environment that requires heavy lifting, or are just feeling the effects of aging, lower back pain and stiffness can demobilize you if you aren’t careful. 911 Pain Management helps patients overcome lower back pain with solid pain management solutions.

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