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A McAllen Pain Doctor Teaches You the Dangers of Self-Diagnosis

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By 911 Pain Management | December 15th, 2022 | Pain Management

Since the rise of smartphones, many people have turned to the internet and Google for answers to their health questions. Individuals may feel all sorts of pain and will resort to “Googling” their symptoms to uncover the issue. 

While you may be tempted to trust these internet sources and self-diagnose, it’s best not to!

Self-diagnosis is a very flawed process that can lead to negative outcomes for those who take medical manners into their own hands. If your neck pain, for instance, is from degrading cervical discs rather than the pulled muscle you researched, rest and over-the-counter medications won’t help. 

Your McAllen pain doctor at 911 Pain Management would like to highlight how dangerous it can be to follow the suggestions of an internet source and self-diagnose rather than seek professional help. 

The Dangers of Self-Diagnosis

While it is tempting to do online research, trusting what comes up can lead to bad outcomes for your health. Asking your McAllen pain doctor to diagnose why your knee pain isn’t getting better, for example, is infinitely much safer than assuming you have whatever diagnosis you uncover on Google. 

Here are the reasons why you should also seek a physician or pain doctor first: 

1. Underlying Conditions Can Cause Your Symptoms

There are plenty of conditions that share similar symptoms with the main difference being something you can’t uncover without proper testing. For instance, neck pain can be caused by tensed back muscles or may be radiating pain from a heart condition. 

A doctor will know the common causes of your issue and how to rule out others, effectively. 

3. Conflicting or False Information Is Everywhere

If you’ve looked up any health topics or fitness tips, you have likely run into conflicting information. For instance, some articles may claim coffee is healthy while others will state it can harm your health. These conflicting sources can leave you with no idea what you actually need to do. 

Ultimately, the best source for health advice is your doctor. They know your medical history and can find the best solutions to help you feel better.

4. Unnecessary Stress

It’s easy to worry when your symptoms bring up scary diagnoses. This worry can also worsen underlying mental health conditions. Seeking out expert help provides the reassurance you need to make the right decisions for your health. 

After all, sufferers of severe pain know how difficult their pain can make their mental health conditions worse, like depression. You don’t need to add further stress to your situation.

5. Wrong Diagnosis

Since so many conditions can cause the same symptoms, it’s easy to self-diagnose with something you don’t actually have. You may think your arm pain is just from a pulled muscle when it’s really a sign of a heart attack or a fracture. Seeing your McAllen pain doctor so they can find the cause is a much better idea than trying to wait out your symptoms.

Visit a Pain Management Clinic in McAllen for a Diagnosis

While it can be scary to be referred to a pain management clinic, this will undoubtedly prove to be one of the best decisions in your life. 

911 Pain Management is here to make the right diagnosis so you can begin living the life you deserve. Don’t risk your health to internet results; make an appointment and get yourself checked immediately.

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