At the 911 Pain Management clinic, our experienced staff is led by Yixiang Liu, MD, who has over 30 years experience in as a doctor. Chronic pain is a huge problem in American society and remains under treated. It is estimated that chronic pain affects more than 65 million people in the US.

Referral not needed

Unless specified by your insurance company, no referral is needed to establish care at the 911 Pain Management clinic. We will work with your physician to obtain necessary data.

We Specialize

We specialize in pain after motor vehicle accidents or other injuries to: Low back, neck, shoulders, wrist, elbows, knee and ankles.


Diagnosis and treatment may require investigations, nerve blocks, both diagnostic and therapeutic, evaluation by neurology, neurosurgery, physical therapy and orthopedic surgery.


We have two convenient locations in the Rio Grande Valley.

Our Team

Our staff is dedicated and committed to your overall well being and health. We are here for all your pain needs.

What We Do

Faster Service

In an effort to expedite the registration process, we have added forms and apps for your convenience:

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McAllen Location

6900 N 10th St, Suite 4
McAllen, Tx 78504
Telephone: +1 956 627 5137
FAX: +1 956 720 0966

Brownsville Location

7115 Padre Island Hwy, Ste. A
Brownsville, Tx 78521
Telephone: +1 956 627 5137
FAX: +1 956 720 0966

E-mail: info@lesspain.com